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6th on the 6th, Rochester {MN lifestyle photographer}

It’s been awhile since I have participated in a “6th on the 6th.”  July was a really busy month for us. But I guess when is it not busy?  At the beginning of the month we went back to visit family in Fargo and then headed to my parent’s lake home for several days.  We had so much fun visiting with friends and family!  After being away for over a week it was also good to get back.   It’s a great feeling when a city that was new to us a year ago already feels like home.

6th on the 6th july

newborn eleanor {Rochester, mn newborn photographer}

This newborn session is from January.  Little Eleanor arrived Christmas Eve! Talk about the best Christmas present ever! Since she arrived at a busy time we did her newborn photos when she was a month old.  Eleanor was such a peanut when she was born that at a month she was the size of your average newborn weighing around 7 lbs.   The first few weeks with a newborn can be quite the adjustment.  It is always an option to wait a month or so to do photos if you don’t mind missing the curled up newborn stage.  I take a “lifestyle” approach to newborn photography which means I am not posing the baby.  I capture them just as he/she is in their natural environment and include the entire family…even pets, see below. It is not necessary to schedule them within the 1st 10 days.  Eleanor was very tiny, alert and I swear she had the social smile down.  She would grin when her parents talked to her and especially found dad funny. Don’t the always?  As you can see she had the sweetest little nursery and the lighting was divine! We really lucked out since winter days can be dark.

eleanor newborn

ice cream and a water hose {Rochester mn lifestyle photographer}

I am a little behind on my “Tbt” posts but still determined to keep up.  These photos are from 3 summers ago. I remember the day clearly.  It was extremely hot and humid. My absolute favorite kind of weather.  The kids were having the best time eating ice cream and staying cool with the water hose.  I love all the joy kids find in simple every day pleasures.  They have taught me so often to slow down and enjoy each moment.  every day is a gift.  Looking back at all the memories we have made so far always leaves a bit of an ache in my heart but also makes me excited for all the memories we have yet to make.  Today Finn is 5 and Sophia’s last day of 2nd grade.  One of my favorites saying is “The days are long but the years are short.” Amen to that.


finn icecream

tiny baby bump {rochester,mn maternity photographer}

Last week I took this tiny bump’s 4 month old photos.  I am sure her mom and dad can’t even imagine life without her now.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to take these photos because for one, I have been hoping and praying for this dear friend of mine to become a mama for so so long. And two, she lives in Denmark.  Not easy to meet up for a session! Typically I don’t schedule maternity photos till about 33 weeks however being that she lived so far away and would not be back till after baby Ella made her appearance we captured the bump a little earlier.  She was just starting to show and absolutely glowing!



big bugs {rochester, mn lifestyle photographer}

We took our bug loving little boy to the mn, zoo “big bug” exhibit for his 4th bday. He wasn’t quite sure the mechanical bugs were not real, evidenced by his expressions. it was hilarious! he is still talking about it and very disappointed “big bugs” was a temporary exhibit. Finn had the best time walking around looking at all the big bugs and animals, cotton candy in hand. It was the perfect time to go since summer vacation had not started yet. We practically had the zoo to ourselves. It rained a bit, which the kids thought was great because we had to purchase umbrellas to stay dry. The bear exhibit was probably my favorite even though I am fairly certain one of them would have ate finn if he could. And now his 5th birthday is rapidly approaching and I am forever grateful for freezing my sweet little cotton candy, bug loving four year old boy, forever in time.

zoo collage