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bunny {rochester, mn newborn photographer}

Since Easter is this Sunday I thought these photos were perfect for tbt. Here is our little bunny at a few weeks old. What I wouldn’t do to go back to newborn days and snuggle her. The little bunny hat she is wearing was made out of one of my old cashmere sweaters by my mom. I had the photo of her with all her bunnies printed on a 24×36 piece of wood from photo barn pro and loved the way it turned out. It looks perfect in her bunny/fairy themed nursery.


Fleurs {Rochester, MN lifestyle photographer}

Let me take you back to last July when the flowers were in full bloom. I was pleasantly surprised to find our yard was filled with flowers! Our home was purchased last winter so I had no idea how beautiful the landscaping was. We took these photos on a rainy day. The colors of the flowers popped against the gray sky. Sophia and I decided to pick some so we could enjoy them inside as well. She helped me arrange the flowers in different vases. I took the opportunity to teach her about still life images and we played around with our cameras. She had the great idea to photograph our little isla fleur surrounded by fleurs. Isla was giggling at Sophia when I took these pictures. It was the cutest! Luckily I have a video of it as well. I can’t wait for everything to turn green and bloom once again.

fleurs collage

island flower {rochester, mn lifestyle photographer}

It is hard to believe baby isla is almost a year old.  I know it’s cliche’ but wow did that go fast!   I think we always knew she was meant for us.  Sophia started praying for a baby sister, specifically named “isla” since she could talk.  When she was just over three we were blessed with our little Finnegan.  God’s timing is always perfect though right?  An hour and 20 minutes after Sophia’s 7th birthday Isla Fleur arrived almost 2 weeks early. I was able to celebrate with Sophia and tuck her in oblivious to the fact that just a few hours later I would be holding our little bunny.  Now after all those years of naming her baby dolls, Isla, Sophia had a real baby sister to love.  Isla, a Scottish name to honor cam’s heritage, meaning “island” is name we had been saving for over 6 years.  It was and still is a bit surreal to actually have her in our life, isla fleur our “island flower.”  Words could never express how much we all love and adore you.  I finally put together a little video of her first few days of life.  Something I have been meaning to do for months now.  This was my second time using iMovie and I can’t wait to make more. My kids love looking at old photos and videos. This is a fantastic way to preserve memories.  The family photos at the end were done by the talented Rialee photography.

autumn beauty {rochester, mn maternity photographer}

I took these photos last fall.  This beautiful mama and i go back to college days and it’s so fun living near her again.  We met up in one of my most favorite places, St Paul, MN.  It was right before the colors of autumn peaked.  If you haven’t visited Summit Ave in the fall you must.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I took these photos on my birthday.  it was a great way to start the day, meeting up with my friend and seeing her pregnant with her third baby.  Baby Georgia arrived maybe a week later? We timed it well.

betsy maternity

after the storm {rochester, mn lifestyle photographer}

Another Thursday another post, which makes two consecutive weeks, yay! Some of you may remember I used to have a blog.  I loved documenting our life through photos and words and sharing it with others.  I very much appreciate and admire those of you who do the same.  I know personally how vulnerable and exposed one can feel.  It takes courage.  When you put yourself out there some may not chose to share your joy.  Some may even criticize, judge, and twist your words and story into something it is not. You have to have thick skin.  I am starting to have thick skin again. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love that is in christ jesus our lord.” Romans 8:38-39.  You are loved. I am loved. That is all that matters. Take comfort in this and keep on keepin on.  Thank you to those who have had the courage to share pieces of your life with me, the rest of the world.  I share your joy and appreciate you being vulnerable.  I have laughed and cried with you. I have prayed for you.  Life is hard but can be so so good too.  I want my babies to know this and try to live by example.  I am a person who wears their heart on their sleeve.  My photographs are personal and they tell a story.  I strive to capture that for families when I photograph them.  I want to freeze those precious moments in time.  The way you hold on to your littles, the love and happiness. Photography is a way of capturing the moment forever.  I am thankful I have the ability to do this. I took the photos below when Finn was about to start preschool.  We just had a big thunderstorm and couldn’t wait to get outside and jump in puddles.  After the last few raindrops had fallen he put on his beloved rain boots, hopped in his red wagon and I pulled him to a vacant parking lot near our home.  He jumped with such gusto and giggled with sheer joy . A three year old boy in his glory.  Slowly it grew brighter and brighter and soon he was soaked and the sun was blaring down on us.  The sun after the storm is a constant reminder of hope.  Something I will chose to hang on to even when things seem dark.   I have thoroughly enjoyed going back and editing these photos and reliving that day.  I continue to look forward to doing this weekly as time allows and find courage as I share little pieces of my life. If you don’t share my joy then please don’t stop by.  For those who are riding out a storm, hang on,  there is light ahead. And when the light comes may you jump, giggle and be filled with even more  joy than a three year old boy in a rain puddle.