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brrr, {rochester, mn maternity photographer}

This session is from over a year ago now.  I am fairly certain it was the coldest day of the winter with the worst windchill ever.  Considering these photos were taken in Fargo, ND and it was the longest winter ever, that gives you an idea of how extraordinary cold it was.   Rochester is very cold as well but nothing holds a candle to a ND winter, nothing.  It is the worst of the worst. Fargo is located on a prairie so it is flat and there is nothing to protect it.  Rochester thankfully has trees and hills which makes a huge difference.   I am so glad we braved the cold.  Katie was visiting from out of town and if we didn’t do it that day we would not have been able to reschedule.   I could not believe how she was able to brave the cold and look absolutely beautiful!  I was wearing fingerless gloves and I could hardly move my hands to take the photos.  My legs were frozen stiff and my jacket did nothing in the good ole ND wind.

katie maternity


butterfly {Rochester, MN lifestyle photographer}

I have thousands of photos just sitting on my hard drive. My goal is to start a TBT (throw back Thursday for those unfamiliar) each week.  I know, very lofty of me given my track record.  Maybe just maybe I might catch up on editing one day?  Anyway here is my biggest and her butterfly.  Every year we try to find a monarch caterpillar and watch it hatch into a butterfly.  The past two years we were unable until last fall that is.  This one in particular was lovingly named “Rose.” Before we sent Rose on her journey down south we took photos to remember her by.  My kids get rather attached and this seems to help. Plus I am always willing to take pictures when they are up for it! Who knew monarchs made such great props?  Maybe next Thurs I will post the first ever butterfly photoshoot.


sophia butterfly

So much love {rochester, mn newborn photographer}

Little baby Aksel is the youngest of 5 kids and as you can see, there is so much love for him.  All his siblings were constantly wanting to hold him.  What a lucky little guy! And can you believe this momma has 5 kids? She looks absolutely amazing! She is one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out.  I chose this as my first session to blog in the new year because little Aksel will soon be one and a big brother! If anyone can raise six kids with such grace it is this mom.  So excited for you S family! Thank you for choosing me to capture these precious moments!


seeger akel newborn

take two { Rochester, MN baby, child and family photographer}

As I am going through and organizing files I realized I forgot to blog partII of this session.  We did not have good luck getting a family photo that night.  Poor Shea was really really tired and well, three. If you have been a mom of a three year old…you understand!  Three is the new “two.”  I experienced this with my 2nd child who also skipped the terrible twos so I thought I was home free, think again! However, I know this little girl very well.  She is my future daughter-in-law.  She is very very sweet and well behaved but like any three year old that you try to take photos of at the very end of the day, probably won’t work out so well. We met again about a week later and things went much better.  Shea even helped feed baby brother, which happens to be my favorite photo of them all.

olson take 2