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Rue, Rochester MN Toddler Photographer

I was so excited when little Rue’s mom decided to humor me and agree to take photos in the field on the vintage metal bed I had been searching for.  I finally found it and could not wait to try it out! I am so glad she did because I absolutely love these photos and sweet little Rue loved being on the bed.  Win, win!



newborn sloane

This sweet babe is almost a year old now!  As you can see I take a “lifestyle approach” to newborn photography.  The only thing you need is good light, soft neutral bedding and the family of course…best of all, I can come to you!  However if you feel like your home may not have sufficient light or the right atmosphere I will have a studio space available in my home  April through November.  I am pretty good at finding good light and you do not need to have a big elaborately decorated house so please do keep that in mind.

newborn sloane collage

Declan 1 year, Rochester MN Toddler Photographer

Wow it has been awhile! I haven’t blogged since before the arrival of our 3rd and before then it was far and few between. So much for that 365 project. I have so much to catch up on. Moving with three little kids, adjusting to a new city, summer’s care free schedule does not allow any time to get anything done. You should see our basement, yikes! And Isla has reached that wonderful stage in which her little brain needs to be stimulated 24/7 and she can’t quite sit up yet or crawl SO that means she needs constant attention. The sleepy newborn days are over! Cat naps are the new black. I am externally grateful she sleeps all night and has been basically since we brought her home. Such a huge blessing! But the days get long my friends, very very long. So where to start? Blogging, baby steps. This little boy is almost two btw.

declan 1

Erin - Yay! My little guy is on your blog! Fun. His big birthday is this coming Friday and I am already thinking about when I can get to Rochester to have you take our pictures again. Miss you!

waiting for bunny… fargo maternity & lifestyle photographer

As I enter the last few weeks of my pregnancy I finally learned how to use the video editing software on my computer.  Something I haven’t done since my almost 7 year old daughters first year of life.  She has a video and my poor little guy does not.  However one day he will!  Anyway I thought no time like the present.  I debated and even tentatively scheduled professional maternity photos. However I have a really hard time being the one in front of the camera rather than behind.  I find an expectant moms body to be beautiful but have trouble embracing my own.  I ask my clients to be brave on a daily basis even if they aren’t feeling it.  And if you all can be  brave then so can I.   I know I will one day regret not having the memories.  My husband actually was into photography before me so he is pretty good at using my camera and he is the one who took the photos and video.  My daughter wants everyone to know she took the one of Cam and I.  She shares our love of photography.  Now looking at the final result I am so glad we took the time.  It even brought tears to my daughters eyes and she is so excited to show “bunny” this one day.  That alone made it all worth it.  We are hiring a wonderfully talented photographer to capture our completed family.  And once again I will have to be brave and get in front of the camera with my postpartum body.  I am so grateful for this little family of mine. They are amazing! I can’t wait to meet our newest member “bunny”in a few short weeks!  Finnegan is the one who came up with the nickname “bunny” because he thought the baby looked like a bunny on the ultrasound.  I may even offer photo/video merging to my clients one day.  Just need a little more practice.

erikamleitch - Thank you Josette!

erikamleitch - No I really can’t! Thank you so much Katie!

Katie Richards - Oh Erika!! I just love this video so much! So beautiful you all are! Can you believe it’s been 1 year ago already!

Josette Hayes - I love the video! The light, your darling children and all the love between you all! And then there’s your cute tummy! I saw your newborn photos that Ria did and they were fabulous too. Kudos to your hubby (and daughter) for the photos and video and to you for the great video edit! It’s seriously amazing!

Kimberly - Erika this was so beautiful!