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love this family

This family is probably starting look very familiar if you follow my blog.  And they never get old to look at do they?  What you must know is how much I love this sweet family and how lucky I feel to not only to have them as friends but also get to work with them as well.  When your job allows you to hang out with your nearest and dearest you know you know you have the best job ever! My son is marrying little S one day.  He doesn’t have a choice.  We decided this as soon as we found out we were expecting a boy and a girl  only a few weeks apart.  And for some reason they refuse then my baby girl on the way will marry their son.  So Kelly we are covered either way!


grady, 3 months, fargo baby photographer

this little guy is always such a joy to photograph and I have really enjoyed seeing him grow!  I am embarrassed to say he is approaching his 1st birthday.  This is proof on how far behind I am with my blogging.

1.365 & 2.365, fargo lifestyle photographer

I must be crazy.  I have been so terrible about keeping up with my blogging and personal work so of course I would start a year long project.  Here’s to hoping I can keep up with it.  I have always wanted to start AND finish a 365.  Happy New Year all!

bedtime snack. my kids love carrots.

bedtime story